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The Evolution of a Cannabis Brand

As they say in driving, contact sports, and navigating the summer Disneyland crowds, "Stay alert, stay alive." The same is true in cannabis packaging to re-position your brand and course correct. Take a look at the latest packaging from Dama Cannabis after listening to feedback from their customers . After a successful launch in 2014, which featured the unique bubble packaging and eye catching black label design, budtenders were asking for resealable packaging and more product categories. Dama went back to the drawing board to come up with innovative solutions.

Known for many years as a market leader in education of the medicinal benefits of full plant extractions, they recognized that recreational customers were coming to market without the institutional knowledge of consumers in the medical community. Dama saw this as an important opportunity, and wanted to expand into the plant science beyond indica and sativa.

Over several harvests, Dama's cultivation team conducted a comprehensive analysis of their terpene profiles through a series of tests across multiple strains. At CannaCon last Spring, they debuted their new packaging, which now contains terpene profiles customized to each strain in a simple, easy to read format.

"By informing budtenders, we're giving them a useful tool to know what they are selling. The terpene chart engages the consumer and helps to sell our products more effectively because the desired effects are clearly listed." says Kyle Philips, Sales Manager at Dama Cannabis.

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