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Fremont Freaks by Craft Elixirs keeps you from freaking out on edibles

In a small kitchen in the neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, the idea to resource leftover fruit used to make delicious Craft Elixirs cannabis simple syrups was a no brainer. After Jamie Hoffman founded Craft Elixirs in 2013, she recognized that sending pounds of colorful, flavorful fruit to compost seemed unnecessary and wasteful. She experimented with dehydrating the leftover fruit, and a sustainable economic solution appeared. A byproduct became a delicious low THC snack that allows edible consumers to moderate the high. For many who are new to cannabis (or returning), a typical serving of an edible is around 5-10mg. At 1mg THC per slice, the Fremont Freaks were born with the idea of giving new cannabis consumers the reigns. Hoffman explains, “Many Washington tourists want to enjoy legal cannabis while visiting. It’s important to have an edible product on the market that is a lighter high, so new edible users can enjoy the sparkle of THC and stay 100% in control of the experience. I don’t want a single person to visit our beautiful state and ruin their weekend curled up in the fetal position. As an industry it’s important to educate about edible servings and to ensure that each customer’s experience with cannabis is a positive one. Not everyone wants to get out of their mind stoned. With our Fremont Freaks you can eat one piece or the whole bag.” Lining the shelves, in beautifully designed packaging that could have been purchased at Whole Foods, these artisanal craft dried fruits are a natural alternative to high calorie sweets and confections. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, Fremont Freaks are Kosher, vegan, Non-GMO and gluten-free, in addition to discreet and a portable infused snack for active lifestyles. The apple cinnamon Freaks are made from locally farmed Washington Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples. Other flavors include: chewy pineapples lightly dusted with cacao, candied lemons, oranges, limes, and sweet ruby red grapefruit. Craft Elixirs makes all of their small batch cannabis oil extractions in-house using organic sugar cane alcohol. Alcohol extractions are a quick way to deliver the euphoric effects of THC so the user can control the high, and ease into the experience. Perfect for the tourist looking to experiment and a fun treat to share. About Craft Elixirs Craft Elixirs LLC formed in 2013 as a recreational processor of artisanal small batch syrups made from local Washington State seasonal ingredients; including a line of THC infused products. The product line is a complex variety of syrup elixirs that excite the palette with a sophisticated mixology of fruitful and savory ingredients. Artisanal handcrafted syrups can be used for making carbonated sodas, fun cocktails, marinades, topping for ice cream or other mixology crafts.

Creative cooks can use the infused simple syrups for baking and other amazing recipes. For tips and recipes go to:

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