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Walla Walla Cannabis Co: First Cannabis Radio ads just in time for 4/20 Holiday!

In the heart of wine country along the Oregon border, Walla Walla is definitely an oasis of arts and culture. When Amber Cole envisioned her new business, it was a to build an upscale shop focused on knowledge, friendly service and high quality cannabis products. Cole has curated the finest cannabis from farmers all over the state, and is proud to offer the best selection of responsibly grown cannabis at the best price. With so much variety in the marketplace, her passion is to create a welcoming environment to inform and educate consumers in order to recognize quality products.

Walla Walla Cannabis Co is located at 927 W Main Street, Walla Walla

Six months after installing cannabis billboards welcoming visitors to Walla Walla, she is launching a new radio ad campaign aimed at normalizing cannabis for the recreational tourist season. It is the first of its kind in the nation aimed at elevating the business of cannabis retail with a responsible, ethical, and environmentally sustainable message.

Why radio? Says Cole, “We get a lot of tourist traffic from all over the region, and many people are coming by car for a weekend getaway. What better way to deliver that message, and to remind vacationers that we’re here to help them relax and have a little fun?”

Among fields of vineyards , Walla Walla is a region rich in agricultural history, and cannabis farming as an industry seems like a natural fit to this area. According to Chris Capps, from Capps Broadcast Group, “Cannabis pairs nicely with wine and music."

Walla Walla Cannabis Co is at 927 W Main Street, Walla Walla, WA

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